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Are you also impatient?

Because I am! I want things to happen now and rather now than later. Throughout my life I've been active and threw myself into things - preferably something with an "edge". I don't like to do what other people do. The bigger the ricici the better., when making a choice- forcing something. Sometimes it went well, sometimes not.

I do not fear anything - or I'm not afraid of anything, I've always said about myself.

However, I have found that one of my biggest fear scenarios is to lean back and see things fall into place, build a foundation and believe that things are developing quietly. Have Faith !!! Two words I have never dared to trust.

This year, I feel calmer, because, I'm being confirmed over and over again that it's the way ahead of me. Still be active, but also take it all down and let it manifest and develop. I simply feel a new faith and trust grow, in the form of taking things one step at a time. Simple isn't it - orr?

So when you come to my yoga workshop and we make long intuitive stretches, make sure that your body and your energy system should also have a chance to join the game. That the brain is not just driving forward at 240 km / h. Even if you are challenged in your patience, explore the recognizable or new area of ​​yourself. For your bonus is that; you'll release stress, get a new flow in your body and a new belief that life can easily be lived quickly and fully, even though it's slow flow.